How to wear your classic Halloween costume with style

Halloween is coming and you haven’t found yet your costume, you haven’t even think about it! You probably have no time and will eventually be wearing the same Halloween ghost costume you have been wearing five years in a row: a bed sheet with two holes… Ok, you like classic costumes, we can accept that. But there’s no reason not to be stylish in a costume! We are here to help with our ideas: we have found some trendy clothes you can wear as a Halloween stylish costume and some of them also wear them any other day. Check them out!

  • Halloween basic; the skeleton:

Halloween skeleton costumes.

So, you like classic Halloween costumes, right? Well there’s nothing more classical than a skeleton costume. There are plenty of options! You can be a sexy skeleton with this Asos Tall unitard (1. – $58). Try to combine it with some nice high heels and a red lipstick. And you know what? It glows in the dark, so you won’t get lost! Topshop‘s mini dress (3. – $52) looks really sexy too. I will personally wear it with black high boots. But our sexiest choice is the combination of Poprageous leggings (7. – $80) with Poprageous crop top (7. – $39). If you prefer to be confortable, then you have to choose the H&M sweatshirt (2. – $9,99) or this original Asos knit sweater dress (6. – $63). And speaking of original, what about Topshop cold shoulder tee by And Finally (4. – $48)? Isn’t it cute? You can wear it with some skeleton leggings. Asos batwing body (5. – $45) is quite original too. Wear it with dark makeup and you will get the perfect Halloween look!

  • The classic kitty-cat costume:

Halloween kitty-cat costumes.

We have all worn a cat costume at some point in Halloween. It’s, by far, the easiest one! But do you know you can look stylish and elegant dressed as a cat or a feline? With this Topshop skirt (5. – $68) you will look amazing! And you can wear it everywhere you want, not only as a Halloween costume. It’s elegant and classy, perfect for a chic party. And if you combine it with Asos cat mask (1. – $14.50) or with Topshop velvet cat ears (3. – $14) you will add an elegant touch to a Halloween costume. As another elegant choice, you can wear Zara tunic (10. – $49.90) with black leather trousers and some cat makeup. If you want to be a little bit more original you can choose Asos Petite cat body (4. – $45) and wear it with a black skirt or troursers, and add the feline touch with Topshop shoes (6. – $80) and the faux fur cat ears also from Topshop (7. – $8). But if you really want to stand out and wear a classic feline costume you can choose between H&M leopard catsuit (9. – $24.99) or the short leopard costume also from H&M (8. – $17.99). But if you are going to wear something from this label I recommend you choose the off-the-shoulder dress (2. – $59.99). This H&M choice will look great with some cat makeup and black boots.

  • Try the witchy style:

Halloween witch costumes.

Better than an ugly witch, a stylish witch! Another Halloween classic, but this time no warts, brooms or black cats. You can be an elegant and sexy witch with this Topshop Petite lace dress (1. – $70), or with the Asos midi skirt (9. – $108). Try to wear them with the Topshop Harrison boots (7. – $160), you will love the result! If you want a ore classic witchy dress Topshop velvet dress (2. – $160) is the one you are looking for. You can match the dress with Suzywan DELUXE earrings (4. – $42), they will actually look great also with the Topshop peplum top (6. – $70). As you see, lace is the key for a witch costume: Asos Petite body with a lace cape (5. – $69) is a good example. And if you were the cape with Topshop headband (8. – $22) you will have the perfect witch look, you just need to add the Suzywan DELUXE bat necklace (3. – $37).

  • Get the Mexican death look:

Halloween Mexican death costumes.

I personally love this Day of the Dead style. The Mexican death costume is gorgeous to see and to make! And quite easy actually. You just need a good make up, some nice flowers and a beautiful dress, just like the one with lace from Zara (4. – $69.90) and add to the look this skeleton tights from Asos (3. – $14.50). With some colorful flowers and a matching makeup you will look great. If you prefer you can wear dark flowers like Asos flower hair garland (2. – $27), very elegant and very Halloween-ish. But if you don’t want to look so dark you can choose a floral dress like the one from H&M (5. – $24.99). In this case I recommend you combine it with deep red flowers in your hair, like the ones in Topshop headband (7. – $22) . And if you don’t know how to do the makeup you can get some inspiration from the Asos skull coin purse (1. – $11), or just buy the Face Lace eye lace (6. – $26).

And if you are planning a party take a look to our Halloween decorations ideas!

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