Necklace: how to match it with your neckline

So, you love wearing a necklace but you don’t always know which one to wear with the neckline of your top or dress. It’s tricky, indeed! But don’t worry, we are here to help and we bring you the solution. Check out our tips to match you necklace with your neckline and have a look to our selection of beautiful necklaces!

  • A geometric necklace for an asymmetric neckline:

Necklace for an asymmetric neckline.

Usually an asymmetric neckline, in this case a one-shoulder off neckline, doesn’t need a necklace because it’s enough powerful and original by itself. But, you can always add a nice one to highlight the shape of your top or dress. For example, we love this  VLabel London asymmetric red dress, and we think it might look even better if you combine it with a geometrical necklace with soft colors like the triangle-shaped one from Parfois, we love how that color matches the deep red. The rectangle-shaped is a good choice too and it’s also from Parfois. We have also fallen in love with Mango’s chain triangle-shaped necklace! And we think it will look great with this Asos black crop top. The colorful geometrical one from Zara will also look great with any kind of black one-shoulder off neckline. And for these kind of asymmetrical necklines, long pendants look really great too; we have chosen this one from Mango. Play with textures and geometric components to match your asymmetrical neckline, but be sure that the necklace stays below the neckline.

  • Choose a long necklace for a boat neckline:

Necklace for a boat neckline.

A boat neckline can show your shoulders or not, either way you must choose a long pendant necklace or a collar. It’s better to combine your boat neckline with a longer pendant chain because the wideness of this type of cleavage. Just like the one we have chosen from Zara which will look great with this Asos black top, or the chain waterfall from Mango. You can also wear a long pendant necklace with more details and beads, like this other one from Mango. In my opinion, it will look beautiful with the orange dress from Asos. But I must say that a collar necklace that kisses the boat neckline of this orange dress will look amazing! For instance this one from Parfois that will also give an elegant touch. Although, the best one, because os its color, shape and power, is the one from Oasis. Just beautiful!

  • A V-shaped neckline deserves a necklace with a central focus:

Necklace for a V-shaped neckline.

By “central focus” we mean that it has to capture your attention and send all the looks to its center, this way your V-shaped neckline will be highlighted. This kind of neckline elongates your neck and makes you appear taller. You might want to choose a V-shaped necklace too, so it can follow the lines of the neckline in a really elegant way, just like the Parfois necklace does. The one from Mango has a V-shape too and has a strong focus center, the red color guides our eyes, and it matches either the Asos black body and the green dress also from Asos. The floral necklace from Zara also draws the attention thanks to the big yellow flower in the center, but you can also choose a classic necklace with a big and showy pendant, just like Zara’s green one. My favorite is the H&M necklace with the big burgundy-colored stone. This one is perfect for the green dress!

  • Simplicity is the best for a halter neckline:

Necklace for a halter neckline.

It is difficult to find a necklace that will fit a halter neckline. This kind of necklines are really closed and cover all the neck most of the time, so it’s not easy to place a necklace. Although, long chains and pendants look really cute with this kind of neckline. Simplicity is the key; choose thin chains with small pendants and details. You can wear a shorter one, like the H&M’s infinity pendant. If you prefer longer necklaces we recommend you the one from Mango with three different pendants, very cute! You can also combine both, were a short one with a long one, just remember to keep it simple, like H&M’s two pack golden necklaces. Or combine different shapes, like the one from H&M too with a feather and a triangle. I think the one with a pink feather from Mango will look great with Asos halter black body, the contrast between color is perfect! And definitely the green and blue pendants from Mango are just perfect for this River Island navy dress. Very elegant!

  • Wear a choker with a sweetheart neckline:

Necklace for a sweetheart neckline.

A choker necklace is the best choice if you are wearing a sweetheart neckline, but try to keep it simple and discreet. A sweetheart neckline is usually quite original and unique on its own, you might want to use a necklace that highlights it but not hides it. For instance, this Forever Unique dress has a beautiful cleavage so let’s wear a choker that brings a nice touch without overshadowing the dress. You can wear the choker from Selected, or the one from Paper Dolls. I personnally think that the yellow one from Parfois will look gorgeous with that dress, although it’s true it’s a little bit bigger than the others I don’t think it will disminish the dress. If you wear a black sweetheart neckline, like this Asos jupsuit you can wear a choker with bigger details, like the pearled necklace from Parfois, or the one from Weekday. I really like how silver matches with black, that’s why I think the one from Parfois is perfect!

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